The historic David Whitney Building stands as a flagship Restoration in the center of downtown Detroit. Spectrum Neon worked closely with developers The Roxbury Group, to dovetail period correct design guidance for the residential suites and have them blend smoothly with the established branding of Aloft to bring both aesthetics into a visually complementary sign program.


The picture here shows the final result of a years long effort to refurbish and reinstall the original 1959 north facing stainless and neon roof mounted letters to their new location facing downtown. Careful engineering of support structures and smart design of components enabled this installation to be performed without the use of cranes or material lifts, saving time and money.


You start by listening, then begin the steps to make the customers ideas real. Existing structures can pose challenges when attempting to fit a project to what’s available. Ability to adapt to onsite conditions gives the customer greater flexibility to create their vision.

This fully lighted custom canopy and engraved LED lighted Aloft blade sign was designed and engineered at Spectrum to be safely secured to an existing People Mover station platform. Our installers are experts and know their business.


By offering a single source for signs, our customers appreciate having a simple solution to complete their projects in the straightest line. Spectrum Neon can offer knowledge of design, materials and offerings of the latest in current products for any sign application, and at the same time help respect costs so that customers can gain a balance between budgets, while still obtaining the look and style they desire.

The David Whitney Building, at 19 stories, contains over a dozen sign types both interior and exterior including ADA and wayfinding, Custom exterior signs and high rise installations as well as neon, plaques, light fixtures and custom printed wall coverings.

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